Watercraft Rush

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Watercraft Rush


Watercraft Rush is a speedboat arcade racing game set in the 3 different worlds. We have a similar game called Car Rush, which is worth checking out, and as you might of guessed is a car racing game.

How to Play Watercraft Rush

You must race your speedboat as fast as you can across the water to the finish line before the time runs out. Basically, it is a bit like Out Run, but on water, in that you are up against the clock and their other vehicles to avoid, so you don't crash and get slowed down.

If you manage to complete the course inside the allotted time, it will open up the next track. There are 3 worlds and 3 courses on each one. So 9 courses in total to complete the game.

The game would be really cool with the 80s Miami Vice theme tune banging away in the background, so we could all pretend to be Crockett and Tubbs. We might try and sort that out for you, if enough people ask us too.

Happy racing !!


PC. Left and Right arrow keys to move boat Left and Right. Up to accelerate. Down to break. To decelerate take finger off the accelerator.

Touchscreen Devices. Use the on-screen control buttons. Arrow buttons to move left and right. Right brake to accelerate. Left pedal to brake. To decelerate take finger off the accelerator.

Watercraft Rush is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Windows.


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