Duck Hunter

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Duck Hunter


Duck Hunter is an action arcade sports shooting game. That was a mouthful !!

The game depicts you and your trustworthy (but very cheeky) mutt going on a duck hunt. I'm not sure whether or not your dog, actually wants you to shoot any of the ducks, or just wants you to shoot yourself in the foot! You will see what I mean when you starting playing the game.

How to play Duck Hunter

You only get 3 bullets in your shotgun for each round of ducks that get released. So use your ammo wisely. Miss and they will fly away.

In order to progress to the next level each time, you must shoot down at least SIX ducks, scoring as many points as you can. Sounds easy, but the levels get harder and harder as you progress.

Now you must also watch out for your cheeky dog. He's a real joker and i'm really not sure he likes you as much as you think! He will pop up his head up clowning around, and so you must be careful you don't 'accidently' blow his brains out !

If you do. It's GAME OVER!

At the end of the game you will have the chance to share your score on Facebook and Twitter. So go on, help us out and share with your friends.


On PC, use your mouse to take aim and click the mouse to shoot. On touch screen devices like Iphone and Ipad follow the on-screen instructions.

Duck Hunter is an HTML5 Game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets


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