Caveman Hunt

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Caveman Hunt


Caveman Hunt is a crazy game set in prehistoric times where a caveman launches himself in order to catch a woolly mammoth.

How to Play Caveman Hunt

Launch yourself off from the start using the caveman's catapult. Set the angle, then set the power and off you go.

There are a number of things that help you on the way to get extra distance and speed. The giant birds, trampolines and bouncing off the top of the rocks all help.

In addition to this, you can buy four different power ups. These are available after each jump. You get 1 coin for every full 10 meters jumped. The price for each power up increases each time you purchase it. And, to see what each power up does, click on the applicable '?'.

As the game goes on and the more power up's you manage to purchase, the further you go and the faster the action gets.

The aim of the game is to finally get enough speed and distance to catch the woolly mammoth you are hunting. Will you do it ?


Follow on the on-screen instructions for your device.

Caveman Hunt is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets.


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