The Bandit Hunter

The Bandit Hunter

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The Bandit Hunter


The Bandit Hunter is shooting game, based in a wild west town. Kill all the bandits and try not to kill the hostages. If you're a bit mentally unstable, you might get some twisted fun in shooting them. But, it's only a game so if it helps, go ahead. It will however cost you 100 points!

How to Play The Bandit Hunter

There is a huge gang of bandits in town to rob the bank and they don't care who gets in their way.

Make your way through the town and get to the bank to stop them. Try not to kill the hostages (it's not polite and costs you 100 points).

The game is played in 5 stages. To complete a stage you must shoot and kill the designated number of bandits shown on the screen. After completing each stage, your health will regenerate back to 100%. The stages will get harder as you progress through the game, so you will need that extra health.

Each time you get shot, you lose health and you are armed with an old fashioned revolver, so you will need to reload regularly.

If you fail to complete a stage, because you died, you can click the 'restart' button and have another attempt. That will save you from having to start the game from the beginning.

OK. Happy shooting and can you save the day?


On PC. Move your mouse to aim your revolver. Click mouse to shoot. Use the R key on your keyboard to reload. For touchscreen devices, tap on the screen to shoot. Tap on the reload button to reload.

The Bandit Hunter is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets.


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