Classic Bowling

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Classic Bowling


Classic Bowling is a simple 10 pin bowling game for one player, with the usual 10 frames. Score as many points as you can. Scoring 300 is a perfect game. Can you do it ?

How to Play Classic Bowling

Simply take aim and bowl. It's that straight forward!

The game of consists of ten frames. In each frame, you will have two chances (if needed) to knock down as many pins as possible.

More information and rules on 10 pin bowling can be found here.


The specific controls for your device are shown just before the start of the game. Then when the game starts you need to do the following to bowl the ball.

1. Position your player, before you take your shot. You can move him, left or right or leave him in the center.

2. Select your power (left of screen), by clicking mouse/tapping screen. The amount of power you receive, is set by the power gauge (the more lines, the more power), at the point of which you stop it.

3. Select your curve (right of screen), by clicking mouse/tapping screen. The more to the left you stop it, the more curve to the left. The more to the right you stop it, the more curve to the right. Stop it in the middle, for the ball to go straight.

Classing Bowling is an HTML5 games for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets


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