Flicking Soccer

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Flicking Soccer


Flicking Soccer is an arcade sports game. It is very similar to Subbuteo, which was a very popular game in the UK in the 1980's.

How to Play Flicking Soccer

You can play as 1 of 32 teams from around the world. The teams featured make it just like playing in a World Cup. England, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland are all there.

You must beat each team to progress to the next game. Each game consists of one half which lasts 3 minutes. If the scores are tied at the end of this, there is 1 minute of extra time. If the scores are still tied after extra time. You lose!

Each team gets three 'moves' when they have possession. The amount of moves you have left is indicated in the bottom left of the screen, with ball icons.

In order to kick the ball, you must select a player and 'flick' him toward the ball. You can control the aim, (which in turn controls the angle of contact with the ball) and the power.

A few rules If you flick one of your players and make contact with a player on the opposite team, before you make contact with the ball, you will concede a free kick. Also, if you take too long to take your 'kick' you will concede a free kick.

Finally, I hope you know your flags ? Once, you start the game, the team names are no longer viewable. Just their flag!


Specifics for your device will be shown on-screen, just before you start your first match.

Hint : The more filled up the arrow is, the more power. Use the arrows for aiming the 'flick' of your player.

Flicking Soccer is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets


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