Zombie Invasion

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Zombie Invasion


Zombie Invasion is an action packed shooter game which takes place on a bridge in an apocalyptic city. It is similar to another game we have called Dead City.

How to Play Zombie Invasion

The aim of the game is to shoot all the zombies on the screen, before they get to the end of the bridge, while avoiding killing any survivors making a run for it.

If you shoot any survivors, you lose 800 points. If a survivor makes it to safety, it regenerates some of your health.

Shooting the zombies dead will score you points. Each type of zombie needs to be shot a certain amount of times to kill it. For zombies that require more than one shot for it die, a health bar will appear to indicate how many more shots it will take.

If a zombie makes it to the end of the bridge before you kill it, you will lose health. Lose all your health, you die and it's GAME OVER!!

The game happens in 'waves' and they get harder and harder as the game goes on. See how long you can survive. Good Luck!!


Aim and shoot. Use your mouse on PC or tap screen to simultaneously aim and shoot on touchscreen devices.

Hint : You have unlimited ammo. Shots will only fire when you successfully aim at a zombie.

Zombie Invasion is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablet


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