Lets Go Fishing

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Lets Go Fishing


Lets Go Fishing is an arcade fishing game with nice graphics and a tranquil soundtrack, in which you are a fisherman on a boat which looks like it belongs to an ancestral relative of Captain Pugwash.

How to Play Lets Go Fishing

You start with 5 lives and the game is played in levels. To pass each level you must catch a specified dollar value of fish within the allotted time. Both, of these values are located on the bottom part of the screen.

Each type of fish is worth a certain amount of money. There are also big pink octopuses that spring up, and they are worth $100 each. So its not just about catching as many fish as possible. Strategy does play a part. Also, watch out for big boots, they are heavy if caught and slow down the reeling in of your rod.

Between levels you can purchase items from the 'market' with the money you have made. This allows you catch a bigger range of fish and ones with a higher dollar value.

See if you can make it through all the levels. Good Luck


Click mouse/tap screen to cast your line.

Hint : When you catch something, you can click mouse/tap screen again to reel the line in faster.

Lets Go Fishing is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets


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