Rocking Wheels

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Rocking Wheels


Rocking Wheels is a racing game featuring a couple of weirdo musicians (who need to lay off the scooby snacks) driving a camper van against the clock, so they can reach their concert in time.

How to Play Rocking Wheels

You must race your van against the clock, from one side of the course to the finish line. There are 15 levels to the game to complete. The first few levels are pretty straight forward and easy, but they do get much harder as you go along.

During each race, collect as many coins as you can. These can be used to buy 'upgrades' to your rad vehicle, which will make passing each level easier.


PC. Up and Right arrow keys to accelerate. Down and Left to brake. Let go of buttons to decelerate.

Touchscreen Devices. Press and hold accelerator pedal on right of screen to accelerate. Press and hold brake on left of screen to brake. Touch nothing on screen to decelerate.

Hint : If your van gets stuck or is upside down, you can click/tap the 'van' icon in the top left of screen. This will blow up your van and get you going again.

Rocking Wheels is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets


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