Car Rush

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Car Rush


Car Rush is an arcade driving game. It is a little bit similar to Out Run (1986). Wherein, you have some short tracks to complete before the timer runs out.

Anyway, so you've got a cool little yellow sports car and your female passenger. And, let's just pretend shes there for your good looks and winning personality rather than the car :-)

How to Play Car Rush

There are 3 different 'worlds' and each 'world' has 3 tracks. So 9 in total (although you probably managed to work that out, right ?).

You must complete each track before the timer runs out, in order to progress through the 3 racetracks and 3 worlds. The game ends when you have completed all 9 tracks.

It starts off quite easy this car game, but trust me it gets a lot trickier. You can do a top speed of 200 kph (125 mph) which will get you into trouble on the sharp bends, and when there's traffic.


On desktops/laptops use the cursor keys to control your car. Left and Right to steer. Forward to accelerate. Down to brake. If you take your finger off the accelerator, you will also slow down.

To control on all other devices, follow the on screen instructions.

Car Rush | HTML5 Racing Game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets.


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