Jumper Frog

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Jumper Frog


Jumper Frog is an arcade game similar to Frogger, which was very popular in the 1980's.

How to Play Jumper Frog

You must get 5 frogs across the road and then across the river to safety. There are 5 coves, and you must put 1 frog in each, to move on to the next level. Catch a fly when doing so, will give you bonus points.

Some words of warning. If you try and put a frog in a cove that already has one saved there, you lose a life. When crossing the road, make sure you avoid the traffic. Get hit and you lose a life.

Additionally, when crossing the river, use the logs to get further across towards the coves. Beware when crossing, as there are nasties that can kill you and some of the logs will disappear under the water for a time. If you are sitting those log when that happens, you will also die.


On PC, use the ARROW KEYS to move your frog accordingly. On other devices see the controls on the game screen before the start of the game.

Jumper Frog is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets


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