Nugget Seeker Adventure

Nugget Seeker Adventure

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Nugget Seeker Adventure


Nugget Seeker Adventure is a 10 level mining game. You must grab all the gold nuggets to complete a level and move on to the next.

How to Play Nugget Seeker Adventure

Move your character around the mine (moving makes you dig a passage which you can move along) and collect all the gold nuggets. There are various amounts to collect on each of the 10 levels. Watch out for the rival miners, as they will hack you to death if you bump into them or they catch you.

There are explosives after level one, that you can use to kill the miners and earn extra points. These come in handy as the levels get harder as you progress through the game. Having less insane hyperactive miners wanting to hack you to pieces, makes life a lot easier.


The controls for your device will appear on-screen at the beginning of the game, after you select your starting level.

Nugget Seeker Adventure is an HTML5 game for iOS, Android, PC and Tablets.


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